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This is our new video, a trailer for Jugnoo, the Social Media Presence Management solution. Jugnoo is a social media dashboard that provides tools for engagement, analytics, and campaign management. Also visit our blog about the business of social media presence.  This video is on our YouTube channel for Jugnoo Under Social Media Presence here.

Jugnoo Blog - Social Media Presence Refined!

Social Media Presence Management. It’s what Jugnoo is about: create targeted social campaigns, visualize content & relationships, assign & manage social workflows, measure success and analyze results. You can visit the blog here.

Here is what the platform offers: 


  • Identify and tag social conversations based on sentiment, opportunity, and risk through an enhanced dashboard with Boolean search.
  • Assign each social conversation to individual campaigns across different departments in the business and/or to specific users for follow up and reporting.
  • Increase efficiency, control and measurement with dynamic, multi-panel displays which generate automatically based on users’ roles and assigned campaigns.


  • Go beyond merely reading streams of interactions. 
  • Convert traditionally linear conversation threads into a multi-dimensional visual display based on the relationships between your audience and content. 
  • Visualize and categorize your online communities for more insightful decision-making and engagement. 
  • Select individual social posts or entire groups of people to associate them with specific campaigns in a single click.


  • Collaborate more efficiently on actionable social activity throughout your organization.
  • Create and organize projects and campaigns by department, job function or client.
  • Assign individuals or teams to manage entire campaigns or specific jobs within them.
  • Build and manage multiple social campaign workflows and goals for sales, marketing, PR and customer service teams – all within one simplified solution.


  • Measure and analyze the impact of your organization’s social activity through a rich set of pre-programmed reports and the easy to use on-demand report generator.
  • Identify intent such as sales opportunities, customer service issues or brand risks with automatic and manual options for tagging social interactions.
  • Never miss an emerging issue or key opportunity, thanks to real-time notifications.
  • Track results and ROI by department, social channel, campaign or individual team member.
The tag revolution: infographic

These days when someone refers to ‘tags’ they most likely aren’t talking about labels or the childhood playground game. They are talking about a way of categorizing and indexing content online, which plays a large role in monitoring the success of online marketing tactics.

During the Internet’s infancy stage, there was a common understanding that if you built it people would come. Today this isn’t necessarily the case as the Internet has become oversaturated, and great websites get lost in the mire. Tagging content is one strategy that will help you break through and help you get noticed.

Tag management startup Qubit illustrates how managing tags can lead to successful marketing and improved conversion.

The Search Giant

Social Media Analytics

We’ve all had moments where we send tweets and posts on social networks without considering what we want to see in return - sometimes, this can raise doubts as to whether or not there is a true ROI. With proper metrics in place, however, your efforts will begin to align with your overall strategy.

This infographic by elisaDBI illustrates the necessary analytics to ensure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck and which metrics you should review. By measuring your results, you can not only see how you have been doing, but also where you can improve.

Have you been measuring your social activity?

The Search Giant

The Search Giant

As the first business quarter has come to close, stats are starting to roll in. Here’s an interesting peek into Google’s sales—although the company has been around for a while, their sales are still seeing incremental growth.

This infographic by Statista illustrates Google’s performance since 2004, including that of the 2012 first quarter. Why should we care? Well, it looks like the giant is still growing and we might have a supergiant on our hands.

But, the year is still young. What do you predict this year has in store for Google?

The Search Giant

How to Train Employees to Handle Social Media

Social media consultants can be an expensive addition to your business’s head count and sometimes it feels like they’re the only way to create an effective online presence. This doesn’t need to be the case, however. Through proper internal training, your existing employees can be natural brand ambassadors for your company and help you meet your business objectives.

 Mindflash put together this infographic to identify the types of employees and how to best train them to integrate social media into their lifestyle.

 Here at Jugnoo, we found this infographic particularly fitting. Here’s why:

@DannyBrown is our in-house Savvy Technologist. He knows the Internet inside and out, and will be the first to update you on the latest trends in the space. He has one of the top marketing blogs in the world and has really mastered the space.

@JulieTyios is the Digital Native. She was born and raised in digital and tech, and lives and breathes social media. At any given time this girl will have 4 different tech devices on her.

@anna_marlin is the Reluctant User. She knows about social and sees the value but doesn’t quite know how to make it her own. She is spreading her wings and has fully saturated multiple boards on Pinterest.

Faheem is our Digital Newbie. He has an experienced gentleman with many financial years under his belt, but not many in digital. He doesn’t quite understand the meaning of “woot, woot” or “woohoo” but is quickly adapting to our space.

 Jugnoo unfortunately doesn’t have any Digital Contrarians because, well, as a social media company they wouldn’t be the right fit. :)

What’s your digital personality?

How to Train Employees on Social Media

How the App Stores “Really” Stack up

To app or not to app: that is the question. German BlackBerry Blog BlogBerry.de has set out to provide clarity to the highly discussed question in this helpful infographic. 

Even with BlackBerry struggling to stay afloat in the market, their app store is still seeing growth with 6M downloads a day for their phones and over 2B downloads in total for the PlayBook from the 70 000+ available apps.  Apple’s iTunes offers 500,000 apps and still growing, with 66.2% of the downloads paid. Lastly, Google Play (formerly Android Market) has provided more free apps than iTunes but isn’t seeing as many paid downloads. This market has seen significant growth as Android sales are continually growing.

With all things considered, if you were developing an app which app store would you design it for?

How the App Stores

How Small Businesses Use Social Media

When it comes to social in small business, it can be viewed as either a great tool or a necessary chore. But there are two sides to every story. More small businesses are turning to social media as a great channel to reach their customers—but are they doing it right?

Social media can be an integral part of any business plan when it is used correctly. This infographic by Intuit illustrates how companies are using social. Most of them are using Facebook the primary tool to reach their audience and approach prospective customers. Find out where the other major social media platforms lie in the priorities of the mom ‘n’ pop shops.

How Small Businesses are Using Social Media

Pinterest: USA vs. UK

"I repinned those fancy chocolate and butterscotch swirl cream cheese cupcakes from your Desserts I Need To Make board." If you this doesn’t make sense to you, then you may not be part of the latest social media trend—Pinterest! Although Pinterest is generally known for its cupcakes and crafts, it is not just limited to hobbyists. 

Pinterest launched in 2010 and has grown—in January 2012 is was the 60th most visited website in the US. But what is drawing such a massive crowd? It originally appealed to women because the online bulletin boards were used as a way to share party planning ideas, baking inspirations and interior design dreams. As of late, marketers have jumped on board to pin the latest in social media, marketing and technology. Pinterest has proved to be a creative way to showcase images and video in a visually appealing way.

Visual.ly put together this infographic to show us a bit more about Pinterest’s demographics. If you haven’t tried it already, check it out! Just be mindful that you might lose a few hours of working time in your day because it is super addictive. ;)

Pinterest: USA vs. UK

How Do Social Logins And Sharing Affect e-Commerce?

There has been a myth floating around for years that social media is a waste of time and effort and there is really no dollar value that can be assigned to followers. Although it is still hard to assign a dollar value, those that are engaging with brands on social are more inclined to spend more time commenting, posting and sharing product reviews.

How does this affect your brand and e-commerce site? Well, Monetate indicates that by incorporating social into your consumer’s buying process they will be more likely to create an account (first step in purchasing). You would be making it simpler and quicker for the 65% of adult Internet users.

Thanks for sharing the visual, Monetate!

Social Logins and Sharing Affect E-Commerce

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